About David A Pinegar

Artist and photographer or I should say a person who has the ability to really look at his subject.

I stumbled on photography by accident 32 years ago, meaning I purchased my first camera for the sole purpose of capturing landscapes to transfer to canvas via oil paints. The day I stood in the camera store and held my first camera, I knew I would become a capturer of images. The power of the subject opened up a whole new world for me. Black and white photography become a passion for me. Just standing in a red filtered dark room and watching the pure magic of water and a few chemicals transfer image to paper. The excitement of seeing your images on a roll of film, that image that only you have captured, that no one else had seen, and you have preserved for all to see.

With the arrival of the digital age, I use the word "stumbled" again to describe the process of how I arrived at creating my new images. Like I mentioned back in 2003 my interest in photography was wavering and I needed to see images that I had not previously seen. I would walk about the house just photographing anything that looked remotely interesting or different. While using household objects to stimulate my imagination and hold my interest,I believe the results have been very interesting to say the least. My imagination was at full steam ahead with possibilities, but with that came frustrations. I knew from the very beginning the images needed to be large to allow spectators to be fully absorbed by the visual medium I have fallen upon. As the technology was not at my finger tips back then. I put the project on hold, but recently have revisited the whole concept and with new cameras and print techniques, I realised my dream was now possible.

This project was started mid 2012 and month by month I am refining the concept and process to be delivered to a standard that I have prided myself on throughout my life. I take charge of the whole process, from original concept through to printing, to guarantee the quality level is upheld to my personal standard throughout.David A Pinegar - Fine Art Photographer