David A Pinegar

Wall of Colour

A Commercial photographer for the last 30 years, David A Pinegar has worked extensively through out the UK, Europe and North America. Based in Newark, his current series of fine art pieces explore a new direction where awareness of colour and form prevail.

My experience as a photographer as led me to produce an abstract body of work that is both uplifting and engaging, aiming to stimulate the viewer's imagination.

My vision has always been to enrich large wall spaces with colour, a responsibility created from the intricate detail of the work and their ability to deliver visually on a large scale. The sheer size of my pieces radiate a willingness to communicate with the open space and fill it with a warmth and welcoming atmosphere.

Join me and my project on a journey. A journey of visual stimulation, pushing into the unknown or I should say "unseen". In modern times human imagination has to be the driving force behind new visual stimuli and be the masters not slaves of modern technical advances. So with that, lets go..........

David A Pinegar - Fine Art Photographer